BBQ For The Homeless

bbq-for-the-homeless-jpgAre you planning a BBQ this weekend?  Rather than having it in your backyard, what if you took it to the streets and cooked up a few burgers for the homeless?  A group of friends in Atlanta did exactly that – and the results are beautiful.  They began grilling in downtown Atlanta inside Centennial Olympic Park.  But even when a police officer came by and told them to stop, they were undeterred – they just moved the grill barely outside of the park, next to the Centennial Olympic Park sign and continued on!  According to the “Give Back Films”, the people that created the video of this event, “It was a fun way to both interact and get to know them, as well as feed them. We all had an awesome time.”  Maybe you could gather up some friends and give this a try sometime yourself!  What will you serve up for those in need today?

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