Becoming a Lesser Man – 08/05/2014a

20140805_074701I’m slowly getting details of what my new exercise/diet plan will entail.  I knew I’d be cutting portion sizes – but I figured that would only be meals.  Turns out it’s everything… including coffee that I sip throughout the day.  This is going to be a tough one.  Look at the pic of that mug.  That’s 34oz.  I go through two of these a day full of coffee.

Braxton Cosby is saying to cut this in half.  Sure, for most people 34oz of coffee per day is still way over-the-top.  But my body is so used to this, I just know the caffeine headache is going to be brutal!

Meanwhile, I’ve ordered the pedometer and exercise bands – they should be arriving within a few days.

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