Becoming a Lesser Man, 08/07/2014a

BecomingALesserManWhile my new diet/exercise plan has not officially started, I am trying to incorporate a couple of things that my personal trainer, Braxton Cosby, has told me will be required.

First – removing fried foods completely.  I’ve done well with this the last few days – even at fast food, which is difficult!  My bride did fry up some zucchini yesterday so I ate three small pieces to be polite, but that’s all.  Typically the fried foods would be over half my meal.

Second – cut portion sizes in half.  This I have not been that successful with.  I was able to cut my coffee consumption in half the last couple of days, which is quite considerable if you read the previous post.  But that seems to be the only area I’ve been successful in so far.  There were a couple of days that I did well in this, but yesterday I completely fell off the wagon and ate two giant cheeseburgers for lunch here at home (instead of just one), and then when driving around town I ended up getting two cheeseburgers from Burger King (instead of one) and then a large concrete at Culver’s (instead of a small).  The new diet plan is extremely generous in that I can eat pretty much anything I want (except fried foods) so long as I cut my portion sizes in half.  This is obviously going to be a tougher hurdle than I previously thought.


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