Becoming a Lesser Man – August 20, 2014

Received an email from one of my listeners at AM1160 in Chicago

“Good morning.  God wakes me up with the sun so I turn to 1160 AM.  In between Robert Jeffress and Colin Smith is Darren.  This morning he mentioned his blog about diet & exercise.  Here is the perfect pedometer for him.  Set it and forget it!  On one screen are steps, miles, calories, pace and time.  Find it at: and search for Sportline.   Hope that helps and God bless your ministries.”  –Carol

Huge thanks to Carol for this suggestion!  My current pedometer is complete garbage and I’ve already tossed it into the junk drawer.  I had already ordered another pedometer, but as soon as I saw this pedometer watch, I immediately bought it.  It is perfect for my needs, and I would never have known about it had it not been for Carol.  Thank you, Carol!  You are very much appreciated!



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