Becoming a Lesser Man

COMING SOON: The return of “Becoming a Lesser Man“. I just got off the phone with my new personal trainer, Braxton Cosby, and together we’re going to be working on my diet/exercise plan – and I’ll be sharing results here on my Facebook page for all to see with photos, videos, etc. Be looking for updates coming soon! Part of me is excited about this – but another part of me is quite anxious about it, because it will once again mean opening myself up to all of you with my successes AND FAILURES (which, of course, we hope there are very few of). This will be a difficult road, I know that, but if it means feeling better about myself, having more energy to do those things God is calling me to, and being in better health so my family won’t worry about me… then it will be worth it.
Details to come soon! (Gulp!)

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