This Bible-Era Solution For Saving Food Is Making A Comeback

A Bible-era solution for saving food is making a comeback. In the book of Ruth the poor glean the fields, collecting any produce left after harvest was completed. Today, gleaning is experiencing a resurgence of interest. More than 400 food recovery organizations across the nation are saving many tons of food from being left to rot in farmers’ fields or sent to landfills. One such organization works with 16 farms in the Hudson Valley to collect their surplus fruits and vegetables — which would otherwise go to waste — and distribute them to food pantries, community organizations and other charities throughout the region. *** Amazingly, the day before I even read this article, my bride already did her own gleaning of sorts – she cleaned out our garden and donated almost all of it to the Rockford Rescue Mission – and they were thrilled to get it!  Maybe you can do the same with your overly abundant garden!

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