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Birds Helping Birds


How does evolution explain altruism? As we’ll see on today’s Creation Moments Minute, it can’t!


Altruism – helping one another – is a real puzzle to those who explain the world of living things in terms of materialistic evolution. Evolution is supposed to work on the selfish survival-of-the-fittest principle, so there should be no reason for any creature, including man, to develop a helping attitude. In fact, there is no way to explain how the genetic code could possibly develop and pass on a trait such as altruism.


For example, one bird will face a spitting cobra to defend another, and scientists have been puzzled to know how this altruistic trait can possibly be passed on, when it often results in death.


While it is often denied, the theory of evolution has yet to adequately explain altruism. Altruism is actually a demonstration of that commandment given by our Creator to “love our neighbor.”


For, I’m Darren Marlar.


Ref: Kathy A. Fackelmann, “Avian Altruism,” Science News, Vol.135, June 10, 1989, pp. 364-365.