Boy Receives 411 Star Wars Pasta Dinners From Caring Strangers

Image result for Boy Receives 411 Star Wars Pasta DinnersImage result for Boy Receives 411 Star Wars Pasta DinnersEverett Botwright is a 6-year-old little boy in British Columbia with autism, and his parents say food is one of his “key issues.” Lately, one of the only foods he would eat was a Star Wars-themed pasta dinner made by Kraft. That’s a problem because they soon discovered it was a limited edition item and were having trouble finding it. So they put out a call on social media and little did they know their plea would go viral. Even William Shatner himself got in on the action, tweeting at Kraft, “can you possibly help?” The result? More than 500 boxes have been given to the family over the past week. Real Canadian Superstores shipped 411 of the boxes, but individuals have sent some too, many people including special messages with the pasta dinners. The family has also heard from others whose children have similar struggles and who have offered advice and encouragement. Everett’s dad calls the experience “magical.” And when the Star Wars dinners inevitably run out again? Everett has said he might agree to try other versions of the pasta dinner. (Toronto Star)