A Brilliant Escape (Part 1 of 2)

A Brilliant Escape (Part 1)

On today’s and tomorrow’s Creation Moments Minute we’ll see how a creature that evolutionists consider to be a primitive multi-cellular creature is really quite brilliant.

A Brilliant Escape (Part 1 of 2)It is always as dark as night 2,000 feet beneath the ocean’s surface. Yet, a rich variety of life thrives in the darkness. The strategies for life, however, are quite different far beneath the waves.

Even in the deep ocean, predators search for prey, and prey tries to escape predators. The permanent darkness and buoyant water allow for unusually creative strategies in this rhythm of life. Some creatures try to hide in the darkness. Others use light to lure prey close to them. Some creatures even squirt luminescent clouds into the water to make predators think that they are where they’re not.

Perhaps the most creative is a species of jellyfish. The way they escape from prey is absolutely incredible, as we’ll see on tomorrow’s program.

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