(Today’s Health Magazine, April 1998) Are you burned out or just a little singed? Read each of the following items and rate how often the symptom is true for you at work or away from work. The continuum runs from 1 to 5 with 1 being never or rarely true and 5 being usually true.

1. I feel tired even if I’ve gotten adequate sleep.

2. I am dissatisfied with my work.

3. I feel sad for no apparent reason.

4. I am forgetful.

5. I am irritable and snap at people.

6. I avoid people.

7. I have trouble sleeping due to worrying about work.

8. I get sick more than I used to.

9. My attitude about work is “why bother?”

10. I often get into conflicts.

11. My job performance is below par.

12. I use alcohol and/or drugs to feel better.

13. Communicating with others is a strain.

14. I can’t concentrate on my work like I once could.

15. I am easily bored with work.

16. I work hard but accomplish little.

17. I feel frustrated with work.

18. I don’t like going to work.

19. Social activities are draining.

20. Romance is not worth the effort.

21. I watch TV most of the time when not working.

22. I don’t have much to look forward to in my work.

23. I worry about work during off hours.

24. Feelings about work interfere with my personal life.

25. My work seems pointless.



25-50 You’re doing well.

51-75 You’re OK if you take preventive action.

76-100 You’re a good candidate for burnout.

100-125 You’re burning out.

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