Burnt and charred ancient Bible scroll resurrected by computer science

I Seales et al. Sci. Adv. 2016; 2 : e1601247 The burnt En-Gedi scroll has been ‘virtually unwrapped’ using digital technology

An ancient biblical scroll that was reduced to a charred lump in a fire that destroyed a Jewish community in AD 600 has been virtually “unfurled” and read for the first time. According to Christian Today.com, The scroll was one of several “charred lumps of what appeared to be animal skin”. It turned out to be the earliest example of the Book of Leviticus ever discovered, dating from around 400 BC. The En-Gedi scroll was shelved until pioneering work at Kentucky University’s computer science department, in collaboration with the Dead Sea Scrolls project in Jerusalem, came up with a digital way to unwrap and read the scroll using latest visualization techniques in computer science.

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