Where can someone donate or acquire a wheelchair?

Donate or Acquire a WheelchairQ: Where can someone donate or acquire a wheelchair?

A: There are many sources for wheelchairs and disability equipment within the United States. For well-refurbished disability equipment, look into Friends of Disabled Adults and Children. For reasonably priced new and used adaptive equipment, check out Disabled Dealer, an online classified ad service. If you are looking for inexpensive used wheelchairs and equipment, we recommend checking local ministries like Goodwill and Salvation Army. Your local Joni and Friends Area Ministry may be familiar with an individual nearby who would like to loan or donate a used wheelchair for your use. There may also be smaller medical equipment loan organizations in your local vicinity that could lend you a wheelchair until other arrangements can be made.

Due to liability issues and industry standards, Joni And Friends does not provide wheelchairs here in the US. However, we do gratefully accept donations of manual wheelchairs, pediatric wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and canes. These items are refurbished and distributed internationally through Wheels for the World. Be a part of the action by joining one of our distribution teams or by collecting used wheelchairs through our Chair Corps!