Childhood Asthma: Children Exposed to Dust, Farm Animals Have Healthier Lungs; This is Why

AsthmaA new research has shown that children exposed to dust and farm animals have healthier lungs and are less prone to getting asthma. The research revealed that being in constant contact with the microbes of farm animals and dust helped in building the immune systems of children. It has been hypothesized that early exposure to these microbes in the first few years of a child’s life will help protect them from asthma. The study analyzed the Amish and Hutterite farming communities from Indiana and North Dakota. Researchers focused on the two groups due to their common ancestry, customs and lifestyles. The only primary difference is that the Amish still use the traditional farming method of using cows and horses for milking, transportation and fieldwork. The Hutterites, on the other hand, have gone modern and have utilized industrial machinery.

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