Choose a career you love

Image result for Choose a career you loveYou have heard it a million times: Choose a career you love, something that interests you. Well, turns out it is great advice. Research shows that if you are emotionally attached to your job, you will perform better, feel more satisfied, and be healthier all around. The study, in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, split almost 5,000 Danish eldercare workers into 300 groups for 18 months and found that teams of employees who were devoted to their jobs were not just more committed as a group, they were also physically and psychologically healthier as individuals, sleeping more soundly and taking fewer sick days than workers who could not really give a care. So do you count the seconds till you can escape your desk? Fantasize about winning the lotto so you can escape? Sciences says: Get out and find something you truly enjoy. To put it another way: Do what you want. And how often in life do you hear that? (Men’s Fitness)