Christian Artist News – January 27, 2015

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Danny-Gokey-Color2-3-29-10Danny Gokey is insuring that he’s able to chat with everyone. He’s moving his facebook chat to Thursday, January 29th, beginning at 7:00pm CT. Click on the link for more information.


Andrew Peterson had to make one quick stop on his way to Covenant College to teach creative writing this week. The author of the Wingfeather Saga said he just needed to stop at Goodwill for a beret and a tweed jacket.


Another sighting of The Afters on a television commercial. This time one of their social media followers reported hearing their music on a commercial for the ABC show The Bachelor. The Afters music has already been featured as part of commercials during the Olympics, the NHL playoffs, and several other programs.


John Steingard is getting into the LA experience. The frontman for Hawk Nelson moved to Los Angeles late last year. He tweeted this week that one of his favorite parts of the move has been having a legit street taco stand so close to their home. Jon’s recommendation: Go to Vineland and Victory in North Hollywood and order the Chorizo taco!


Plumb would appreciate your prayers. Her son had been diagnosed with severe and very active Strep throat, also known as “a singers nightmare”. Plumb added: God protect the rest of us.


Rush of Fools Kevin Hughley says only in America. He tweeted: church plus guns plus home equals a great day. Attached were several pictures of his target practice after church with both his new .380 and an AR-15.

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