Christian Artist News – January 28, 2015


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Mac Powell is dying for a diet coke. The front man for Third Day tweeted: finished a 21 day diet yesterday and only drank water for the whole time. No word on how much weight he lost but we definitely know what he’s craving.


Mercyme was walking the red carpet this week. They were among several artists at the Nashville Grammy Party. But guitarist Mike Scheuchzer wasn’t there with the rest of the band. He tweeted: I skipped to watch Back to the Future III with my 10yr old.


Jonny Diaz is asking for prayer. They have four more shows on this run of the Start a Fire Tour and Jonny says I’m sick as a dog.


Facebook was down, prompting quite a few people to question if Newsboys Drummer Duncan Phillips had something to do with it. Duncan has been a vocal proponent of a new social media site patterned after facebook called TSU (sue). Following the facebook crash one person commented on twitter: This definitely has Duncan written all over it. Another added: Somewhere Duncan Phillips is rubbing his hands, planning a TSU takeover.


Facebook was down for a short time this week prompting the Christian music web site New Release Tuesday to release their Five Stages of Facebook Grief list:

#1 – Denial: “No, I probably should just hit refresh. My stinking router must need restarting.”

#2 – Anger: “DUDE! I need to post this video of my cat dancing to Steven Curtis’s ‘Speechless’!

#3 – Bargaining: “Dear God. If you bring back Facebook I’ll read the Bible more than I check Facebook.”

#4 – Depression: “I don’t think it’s ever coming back. Well, Myspace is still out there. Now I’m sadder.”

#5 – Acceptance: “We shall move forward. I’m going to call my Grandma. Wait… Instagram’s down too!?”


Brandon Heath is out with an acoustic version of the song When I Was Young. The video features Brandon with his guitar on a stair way in his house playing the song about childlike faith.


Jeremy Camp will release his latest album, I Will Follow, in early February. But this week Jeremy released the lyric video for another song from the project. Get a taste of the album by listening to Christ In Me. Access the lyric video by clicking on the link at


Kerrie Roberts is out with an acoustic video performance of her song My Heart’s Lifted.


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