Coin Conundrum

Why must banks charge you to cash in coins? I have discovered that if you are annoying enough, you can get free services almost anywhere. Here’s the best example that I can come up with.

Every year, my bride and I save all of the spare change that we receive and throw it into a jar. Now, when summer nears, we take the coins and cash them in to see how much we have and use the money to go to movies, or buy some plants for the garden, or whatever else we feel like doing with the money. Well, on Saturday we went to the bank to get the coins counted. The teller said there was a fee for counting money because we didn’t have an account at that bank. The conversation went like this:

‘How much would it cost if we had an account?’

‘Then it would be free.’

‘How much does it cost to open an account?’

‘Nothing, it’s free.’

‘How much does it cost to close an account?’

‘Um…That’s also free.’

‘Then we’d like to open an account, count this money, then close the account. That’s all free, isn’t it?’

Well, the teller spent a few seconds thinking about this, and then she let us use the money-counting machine, for free.

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