Collision of Comedy: Lakeland, Florida

Great show last night in Lakeland at Without Walls Central Church.  Had the privilege of sharing the stage with my buddies Joey I.L.O. , Steffon Vann, and Lakeland’s own Justin Fennell.

I’d worked with Joey numerous times before – he just keeps getting funnier everywhere he goes.  If you’ve not had a chance to see Joey in action, check out the Collision of Comedy page at –  We’ve also got clips there of Justin Fennell who is the exact opposite in style of Joey, but just as doggoned funny.

Without Walls Central Church has to be the largest church I’ve ever performed in.  I don’t know how many they could seat comfortably, but my guess is over 3,000.  I imagine attending services there on a Sunday morning are phenomenal.

Looking forward to making it home tonight.  It’s been four days since I’ve seen my beautiful bride – whom I had to leave behind on the day of our fifteenth wedding anniversary.  When I get home we’ll go out to dinner (our new tradition for when I arrive home from overnight travel) and then get some sleep.  Tomorrow I pack up again and head to Detroit to be a guest on “I’m Just Sayin’ with Dan Willis” on  Not sure when my appearance will actually air.  Once I know I will most certainly let you know!

Please keep me and Robin in your prayers as we trust God to provide in this new area of my working full-time in stand-up comedy.  Lots of uncertainties, but huge blessings.  I said it onstage last night and I meant it: use whatever talents and abilities given to you by God and use them for HIS glory, and you’ll have joy in whatever you do!

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