Collision of Comedy – SPRING TOUR!


Nashville, TN – What do you get when you bring together a popular comedian together with three of his comedy buddies?  You get THE COLLISION OF COMEDY TOUR! – a huge night of clean, family-friendly stand-up comedy (because filthy ain’t funny!) with three or four Christian comedians, sharing their lives and faith through laughter.  If you can take a solid dose of outrageous fun with some great words of faith, then THE COLLISION OF COMEDY TOUR is your ticket for an outreach or fund-raising event.

Specifically designed (and priced) for moderate sized churches and organizations as an outreach or fund-raising opportunity, THE COLLISION OF COMEDY TOUR partners with both your organization and your local Christian radio station.  We work with you to create not only an amazing show, but to also build a lasting relationship. By uniquely partnering with radio, THE COLLISION OF COMEDY TOUR will encourage  your radio station to take a vested interest in your event, ensuring a much larger audience at your show.  They will get behind your event and support it with free on-air advertising.  Plus, the radio station will have opportunity to conduct on-air interviews with the comedians!

Your host for THE COLLISION OF COMEDY TOUR is comedian Darren Marlar, who will bring some of the funniest up-and-coming clean Christian comedians in the industry to your town – a different lineup of comedians every time the tour returns to your city!

THE COLLISION OF COMEDY TOUR is booking dates now for  2010.  For more information, contact:

Lee Porter, Agent


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