Cop Meets ‘Unadoptable’ Boy At School, Tells Wife He’s Bringing The Kid Home

Cop Meets ‘Unadoptable’ Boy At School, Tells Wife He’s Bringing The Kid Home

Written by Emerald Pellot

Image result for adopted South Carolina Master Deputy Mike Gibson

When he was off-duty, South Carolina Master Deputy Mike Gibson began working as a part-time school resource officer  to protect the young children.

The experience was rewarding because the children so warmly welcomed the officer. Eventually, Gibson leapt at the chance to become a full-time resource officer.

“They see us in a different light than they see us just being somebody that carries a gun and puts people in jail,” Gibson told WYFF in 2015. “Here they get to see us as part of the school and they get to learn, ‘Hey, the police are our friends.’”

However, there was one student who stood apart from the rest. The little boy went from calling him “Officer” to “Officer Dad” to just plain “Dad.” Soon after, Gibson discovered the boy had been in and out of foster homes. He even heard that due to his behavior, the boy was considered “unadoptable.”

Gibson went home and told his wife, Kimber, that although they were parents to three of their own, they needed to bring this boy home and become his foster parents.

“He said, ‘In all my years in law enforcement, I’ve never felt led to do something, but I feel like God’s telling me that we can help this one.’ So, I was on board,” Kimber said.

After becoming his foster parents, the couple decided to officially adopt him. See this touching story in the video below.

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