Darren Marlar Radio Show #DMRS: August 28, 2017

ON TODAY’S SHOW: Almost all kids will eventually try to pull a Ferris Bueller – playing sick to get out of school. So, how do you spot a faker when Internet pages are devoted to sharing faking tips? ***If you’re still wearing flip-flops for the summer, you might want to keep listening! You might change your mind about wearing them! *** Pretending to be a superhero is natural for kids – but one childcare center in Australia is saying superheroes are not allowed on the premises!  *** Needing a quick boost in your alertness? I have an idea for you! *** Just because you’re told that you are an instant winner doesn’t necessarily mean you really are one! *** Ever heard of “decision fatigue”? I’ll tell you what it is AND how you can work around it! *** Growing your own stuff in the garden is a great way to beat the high prices – but it’s not always the best way to go! *** Research has shown that women are attracted to men who have deeper voices. Yay! *** Plastic surgeons are seeing an increase in requests for a certain procedure – ”hand lifts.” *** AND MORE!

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