Darren Marlar Radio Show #DMRS: August 29, 2017

ON TODAY’S SHOW: What does today have to do with Judgement Day? ***Sometimes, even an entire city government gets what they deserve. ***An Arizona man posts a totally outrageous message to social media – and then he is surprised when it creates a backlash!  ***Oreos are about to do something very mysterious! ***Would you trust a computer to tell you if you’re dressing fashionably?  ***So, what happens if you ignore that warning label on spray paint that says “do not use near flame”? ***It was every mother’s nightmare – Michelle Dinning called police because her 9-year-old son, Josh, was missing. But then, maybe not. ***People who live to be 100 or more have one thing in common – and it’s something you can have if you choose to do so! ***In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Justin Alexander was having a big fight with his girlfriend, and thus begins today’s Brain on Drugs story! ***The new field at Tenino High School in Washington state is getting a lot talk. ***AND A WHOLE LOT MORE IN TODAY’S DARREN MARLAR RADIO SHOW!

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