Darren Marlar Radio Show Podcast: September 15, 2017 #DMRS

IN TODAY’S “DARREN MARLAR RADIO SHOW” PODCAST: Chances are high that you’ve bought something on Amazon before. But have you ever tried the Amazon trade-in program? ***If you’re planning on selling your home, what color should you paint the walls in that house to get it sold faster? ***If you are too drunk to drive, you might want to think about ditching the assault rifle. And the cocaine. Ditto the marijuana. And you definitely don’t want to pretend you’re a police officer. That’s our Brain on Drugs story! ***A new translation of the bible…specifically for Australians! ***Inspiring stories continue to come out of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. ***Today’s Moment of Duh contains three interesting elements… a robber, a gold chain, and the Heimlich maneuver. *** Today’s Weird Holidays! ***Forget nukes and sanctions. Former Navy SEAL and current author Jocko Willink has a different idea for bringing down North Korea’s regime – and it’s awesome! ***Prison appears to be doing nothing to change serial con man Jimmy Sabatino. ***AND MORE!

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