Darren Marlar Radio Show: September 13, 2017 #DMRS

IN TODAY’S “DARREN MARLAR RADIO SHOW” PODCAST: ***Lose weight by laughing? ***Hurricane Irma was the perfect time for a wedding for one couple! ***An innocent mistake turned out to be prophetic for police in Milford, Massachusetts. ***Just doing your job might be killing you! ***Are gummy vitamins too good to be true? ***Hurricane Irma brings forth a Moment of Duh! ***I am POSITIVE you will like today’s Weird Holidays list. Very POSITIVE! ***Planning on taking a family vacation this summer? If you’re really into billboards and signs, you might want to take a trip to Thailand – they’re really proud of theirs.

***And MORE in today’s DARREN MARLAR RADIO SHOW podcast!

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