Darren Marlar – Retiring From Standup Comedy? (Last Show August 8th in Rockford, IL)

standup for credo


If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I’ve been increasingly busy with voice work as well as TV/film projects.  Sadly, this means I’ve had no time to pursue standup comedy – and even if I did, I’m not sure I’d have the time to perform too much longer with as busy as I’ve become in other areas.  I think it may be time to hang it up for standup comedy.  Of course, there’s nothing saying God can’t change my circumstances in the future, He is really good at placing forks in the road before me and taking me down paths I’ve never considered.  Four years ago I would never have guessed I’d be doing anything but radio and standup comedy.  Seven years ago it was only radio.  Fifteen years ago I was working towards being a full-time singer/songwriter.  You just never know what God has planned for the future.  But for now, with my current schedule and career path, I just don’t see standup comedy as a viable option any longer.

So… I have one final comedy show on my calendar.  And I could not be happier that it will be for a very good and worthy cause.

August 8th, 9:00pm
Cliffbreakers Riverside Resort
700 W Riverside Blvd Rockford, IL

This standup comedy show is a fundraiser for Illinois Credo Recovery. Illinois Credo Recovery helps men and women in the greater Rockford area reclaim their lives after addiction. Get more information about this event, tickets for the dinner and the show, etc., at http://www.standup4credo.com/

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