Darren Marlar Show – PROMO (9/3/2010)

Want to kick off your Labor Day weekend with a few laughs? Then check out the Darren Marlar Show podcasts – posting this Friday morning at http://marlar.podomatic.com!
On this week’s Darren Marlar Show podcast, we’ll talk about some of the worst movies of all time that you just can’t seem to keep from watching – your responses via Facebook and voice mail! Speaking of movies, we’ll take a quick look at a couple of movies that are coming to theatres this weekend – The American, and Machete. The Genesis Factor will show us how our bodies are like living clocks. What’s that lion doing roaring at the beginning of MGM films? I have the answer for you. Whatever you do, DON’T make up a story in order to make yourself sound important… it might land you in my Moment of Duh! An automatic door tells cops if they’re fat or not in the files of Law & Disorder. How can a man with 22 drunk driving offenses still be allowed to drive? That’s my Brain on Drugs story this week. Our weekly personality test will look inside your psyche and see what makes you tick – all through what kind of toppings you like on your ice cream. We’ll look at the top nine foods you should avoid eating on a first date. Ever wonder if those surveys and polls you always hear about are accurate? We’ll look a little deeper into that question. I’ve got my weekly Power Charge for you as well – and I’m going to show you how it’s totally okay to complain to God. If you work at an office, what does that office say about you? I’ll give you some “dos” and “don’ts” regarding how to decorate your office. Celebrity birthdays, weird holidays, useless facts, and a whole lot more – it’s all coming your way on this week’s Darren Marlar show podcast – coming your way on Friday! http://marlar.podomatic.com

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