Darren Marlar Show PROMO – February 13, 2010

This week’s Darren Marlar Show is a special Valentine’s edition!  For the guys, I’ve got a few Valentine’s Day uses for duct tape, plus I’ll give you a few good reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  If you’re looking for an excuse not to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your wife, I might have a solution for you there as well.   If you’re planning on sending flowers for Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to be sure you send the right kind of flower, in the right color, in the right number – because all of those things have special meaning, guys.  I’ll give you some rules regarding flower etiquette.  We’ll find out what your favorite color of clothing reveals about your personality, and we’ll look at the movies hitting theatres over the weekend including the one that’s at the top of my list… the Wolfman.  I wouldn’t recommend making that part of your Valentine’s Day date plans though, guys.  All of that and more on this week’s Darren Marlar Show!

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