Darren Marlar Show PROMO – February 27, 2010

On this week’s Darren Marlar Show podcast… have you ever gotten a body part stuck somewhere?  If so, call my voice mail and tell your story so over 30,000 others will hear it!  Call 815-271-7120 with your story – how did you get your body part stuck?  And where did you get it stuck?  You can also email your story to me, just click on “CONTACT DARREN” at http://darrenmarlar.com and tell me your story!

Also on the show, love blossoms during a bank robbery in the files of Law & Disorder.

Should we do away with pennies?  Are they completely useless, or should we keep them in circulation?  I have the results of a recent poll, plus my own thoughts about the concept.

While your computer’s memory increases, does your brain’s memory decrease?  Some scientists seem to think so.

What would you do if you found yourself within the jaws of a 14-ft crocodile? We’ll tell you what one 12-year-old boy did.

Plus I’ll give you a few signs that you’re not reading your Bible enough.

All of that and more on this weekend’s Darren Marlar Show podcast!

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