Darren Marlar Show PROMO for Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Coming up on this Saturday’s “Darren Marlar Show”, never mess with a radio station DJ!  I’ll tell you why in my Moment of Duh!  If you’re going to shoplift, it’s best not to let anyone see you wearing the stolen merchandise.  Especially if you’re still inside the store!  That’s in our files of Law & Disorder.  In our Brain on Drugs story: tailgating is always a bad idea; tailgating a police car is a really bad idea; tailgating a police car while high on marijuana makes you a moron.  Decorative toilets? At home maybe… but how about million-dollar restrooms at school? A German man attempting to cook himself some sausages ended up blowing up his house. And it’s no joke, the way you laugh reveals your personality.  Our weekly personality will look inside and see what kind of person you really are!  All of that and more on this weekend’s Darren Marlar Show!

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