Darren Marlar Show PROMO – January 13, 2010

Coming up on Wednesday’s Darren Marlar Show podcast…  a well planned robbery, a getaway car, an easy victim – but still the culprits end up in the files of Law & Disorder!  Ever had a splitting headache where it felt as if nails were being driven into your skull?  Next time, you might check to see if there are, perhaps, actual nails protruding from your skull.  That story is in our Brain on Drugs feature.  While many college kids take the “five or six year plans” to graduate, Stuart Baldwin took a little bit longer. Make that, a lot longer… and I’ll tell you why.  Are you an impatient pain in the neck? I have test for you to take to find out.  We’ve got good news for chocolate lovers – it might keep you from dying!  And why are Americans so fat?  Well, surprise, surprise… it has something to do with eating.  We’ll share the results of that study on the show as well.  All of that and more on Wednesday’s show!

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