Darren Marlar Show PROMO – January 20, 2010

On Wednesday’s Darren Marlar Show, we’ve found the mom of the year… for our Moment of Duh   When you shoplift from a grocery store, where exactly do you hide the refrigerated items under your clothes?  A criminal genius makes it into the files of Law & Disorder.  In our Brain on Drugs story: if telling them to “just say no” to drugs doesn’t work (which it doesn’t seem to be), try a little Beethoven! Imagine winning a contest, and then suddenly having the rules changed on you DURING THE GAME in order to specifically keep you from winning!  That actually happened to one man recently when he was raising money for charity.  Plus we’ll take a look at the most email-obsessed cities in America, we’ll find out some unusual places where YOU login to the internet, and we have some tips on how to make a good first impression on the first day of that new job of yours!

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