Darren Marlar Show PROMO – January 26, 2010

On Tuesday’s Darren Marlar Show and podcast, how come you see #2 pencils but no #1 pencils?  We’ll find out the answer.  Sometimes “Freedom of Speech” can be a bit fishy in today’s Moment of Duh.  In the files of Law & Disorder, a typical day home from work isn’t all that typical if you’re a bank robber. I’ll give you a few key steps to happiness, and a few tips on how to survive Mondays.  A man is suing Palm Beach County in Florida for firing him. Why did they fire him? Because he’s colorblind.  You’ll want to hear the full story on that one.  And we’ll find out what your favorite flavor of ice cream says about your personality!  All of that and more on Tuesday’s show!

This is the last week of my doing show on a true radio station… I’m leaving radio to concentrate on stand-up comedy… but I’ll still be doing a weekly podcast, because radio is IN MY BLOOD!  Sign up for the podcasts now so you’ll get them the instant they are uploaded! http://marlar.podomatic.com You can also find them on iTunes – just search for “Darren Marlar”!

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