Darren Marlar Show PROMO – January 27, 2010

On Wednesday’s show, we’re going to find out if you are a nag to your spouse – I have a quick quiz for both men and women!  We’ll give you a list of a few things that men should not fear.  One of the first things any businessperson needs are business cards… even if you’re a drug dealer?  Our Brain on Drugs has that story.  I’ve got a very unique and fun Question Impossible.  Do you have nightmares a lot? Then I’m guessing you’re a Republican!  Still think the cola wars are about Coke vs. Pepsi? Think again.  Nowadays it’s all about Diet vs. Regular – details on that as well on Wednesday’s show!!

This is the last week of my doing my show on the radio… I’m leaving radio to concentrate on stand-up comedy… but I’ll still be doing a weekly podcast, because radio is IN MY BLOOD!  Sign up for the podcasts now so you’ll get them the instant they are uploaded! http://marlar.podomatic.com You can also find them on iTunes – just search for “Darren Marlar”!

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