Darren Marlar’s WEIRD HOLIDAYS – August 14, 2013

The CHILI DOG DAYS OF SUMMER begin today for people who like hot stuff regardless of the weather.

Today is NATIONAL CREAMSICLE DAY. ***MARLAR: The perfect dessert to go along with your chili dog!

1981: The BBC recording of the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana became the #1 album in Britain. ***MARLAR: How is that possible?  My wife can’t even get me to sit down for 30 minutes to watch our wedding video! Why would anyone want to sit and listen to a recording of someone else’s wedding?!?

Today is NATIONAL HUSBANDS IN LOVE DAY.  ***MARLAR: Tip #1 – don’t make stupid remarks about how you hate watching your wedding video with your wife.  (Aside from that, just pretend today is Valentine’s Day, guys – that should cover you.  Assuming you didn’t screw that up last February.)

Today is INTERNATIONAL NAGGING DAY, a day to celebrate and remember the gift of positive nagging.  ***MARLAR: Which you’ll get a lot of if you screw up National Husbands in Love Day by getting your wife a chili dog and creamsicle.

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