Darren Marlar’s WEIRD HOLIDAYS for June 19th!

(As heard on AM1160, WYLL in Chicago!)

Today is STILL NEED TO DO DAY, a time to remember dreams and fantasies and remember that time runs out. Do it today!  ***MARLAR: My dream has always been to find a job that requires practically no work, no responsibility, but I still get a paycheck.  Mission accomplished!

Today is WORLD SAUNTERING DAY, a day to discourage jogging, lollygagging, sashaying, fast walking, and trotting.  ***MARLAR: Apparently shuffling is still okay though.

Today is NATIONAL MARSHMALLOW MUNCHING DAY.  ***MARLAR: Anyone ever play “Chubby Bunnies”?

Tonight is SPOOKY STORIES APPRECIATION NIGHT.  ***MARLAR: Last year my wife scared the tar out of me on this night.  She told me her mother was coming for the weekend – and was going to cook.  (Maybe you can come up with a spooky story about sauntering marshmallows.)

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