@DarrenMarlar’s WEIRD HOLIDAYS – August 08, 2013

Today is ODIE DAY, marking the birth of Odie the dog, Garfield’s best friend, who first appeared on the comic pages on this day in 1978.  ***MARLAR: That makes him 35 years old today – or 245 in “dog years!”  Wow… Odie looks great for his age, doesn’t he?

Tonight is SNEAK SOME ZUCCHINI ONTO YOUR NEIGHBOR’S PORCH NIGHT, a night for gardeners who grew too much zucchini.  ***MARLAR: Or take it to Dairy Queen and ask them to use it to make a frozen zucchini Blizzard!

Today is ADMIT YOU’RE HAPPY DAY.  ***MARLAR: Which you might be, if you open your front door tomorrow morning and discover a basket of zucchini.  Assuming you LIKE zucchini.  You probably WON’T be happy though if someone offers you a frozen zucchini Blizzard.

Today is NATIONAL FROZEN CUSTARD DAY.  ***MARLAR: They froze him?  I figured they just buried General Custard like everyone else!  (Oh, okay – I know that was a groaner.)

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