@DarrenMarlar’s WEIRD HOLIDAYS – July 18, 2013

Today is MAKE A LIST OF THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE DAY. Keep it handy, so you can add to it. ***MARLAR: I’m in there somewhere, aren’t I?

Today is SIDEWALK FRYING DAY, a good time to fry something on the sidewalk.  ***MARLAR: Anyone actually done this – fried something on the sidewalk?

Today is NATIONAL CAVIAR DAY.  ***MARLAR: I got so grossed out when I first heard that caviar is fish eggs.  That’s just gross.  I almost couldn’t finish my omelet.

Today is PERFECT FAMILY DAY.  ***MARLAR: Not that anyone could celebrate it.

In Spain today it’s NATIONAL UPRISING DAY.  ***MARLAR: Although you have to wonder if it’s such a good idea to give the government notice like this.  “Hey, everybody – remember now, we’re uprising July 18th, don’t forget!”

Today is PRESIDENTIAL SUCCESSION ACT DAY.  On this day, July 18, in 1947, the Presidential Succession Act was signed, stating that in case of temporary incapacitation or death of the president, the vice president is next in succession, followed by the Speaker of the House, and President Pro Tem of the Senate.  MARLAR: Followed by the most available Clinton, and then most recent winner of “American Idol”.

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