Darren’s Daily Dose of News – April 23, 2009

darrensdailydoseofnews7Anyone can lose a wallet. But how many are found by the president? President Barack Obama spotted someone’s a wallet. It was on the podium after a news conference with U.S. reporters following the Summit of the Americas on the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. It turns out the wallet belongs to White House aide Marvin Nicholson. He had used something handy to prop up the president’s notebook — his wallet. When President Obama found out who the wallet belongs to, he said, “OK, I don’t want you to forget it.”  ***MARLAR: But before returning the wallet, Obama took all of the bills and covered up the words “In God We Trust.”

And now a word from our sponsor – at the wedding. Kelly Gray and Karl Gau got hitched yesterday and Dr Pepper played a big role. The couple raised money for their wedding by offering a spot in the bridal party on eBay. Dr Pepper kicked in $10,000 and supplied the drinks for the big day. One of the bridesmaids tells The Virginian-Pilot the wedding was “absolutely beautiful.” The hairdresser and her fiancé earn a combined $32,000 a year. They say their wedding would have been bottom of the line, if it wasn’t for Dr Pepper.  ***MARLAR: The only stipulation was a slight change in the wedding ceremony, which read, “Do you, Karl, take Kelly to be your lawfully wedded Pepper?”

You couldn’t blame Emma Hendrickson for bowling her age. But she’s better than that. Hendrickson turned 100 less than a month ago, while her bowling average is 120. Over the weekend, she became the oldest competitor in the 90-plus-year history of the U.S. Bowling Congress Women’s Championships. The Morris Plains, N.J., centenarian bowled a 318 series in the team competition in Reno, Nev.  ***MARLAR: Her bowling average is 20 points higher than her age.  Heck, I can do that! 

Taxi! You can hail a cab in New York or Washington. But not in L.A. — at least not very easily. For years, Los Angeles has discouraged cabbies from picking up passengers on busy streets. The drivers were often ticketed for tying up traffic.  Now, the city is easing those restrictions, but many cabbies aren’t changing their ways. Drivers say gas prices and the slumping economy make it too expensive for them to cruise for fares. So, the Hail-A-Taxi test is getting a flat tire. Officials had hope the experimental program would help ease traffic congestion.  ***MARLAR: So the solution to ease traffic congestion was to create more congestion by adding cabs with no passengers.  Yeah, that’s gonna work.

If you are looking to have the biggest screen TV in your neighborhood we have just the ticket for you. Fujitsu’s new giant display breaks out at a whopping 231 inches! Now that’s huge! Right now, the screen resolution is 512 x 288. An the price will nick you a little at $500,000.  ***MARLAR: But price is no object for those who desperately want to see Charles Gibson’s nose hairs. 

An Illinois judge dismissed a $5,000 lawsuit brought against actor Chuck Norris by look-alike actor Bill Cavenagh. Cavenagh, who appeared in commercials for a Wisconsin auto dealership dressed as Norris, claimed Norris’ representatives sent a cease-and-desist letter to the dealership, which ended his acting career. ***MARLAR: I have a news flash for you, Bill – if that was it – your career never started.

A cat in London was put on a drug similar to Prozac because it was depressed and gaining weight.  ***MARLAR: Wait a minute… so it was getting fat and acting lethargic?  Isn’t that called “being a cat”?

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