Darren’s Daily Dose of News – April 25, 2009

darrensdailydoseofnews9According to a study by Dr. Olga Yakusheva of Marquette University, high-income men are more likely to be overweight than low-income men, whereas low-income women are more likely to be overweight than high-income women. The trend is most noticeable among women.  ***MARLAR: I’m getting ripped off.

A wild hog charged a woman in her yard Monday and then led nine rescue and animal control officials on a chase through a St. Petersburg, Fla., neighborhood. Cassandra Frank spotted the black sow rooting around behind her home Monday morning. The 200-pound animal made a run at her, catching her calf with a tusk and pushing her against a tree. Everyone is going to be OK.  ***MARLAR: They caught the hog – and good news, tomorrow in the animal control cafeteria they’re serving pork chops!

Their thumbs sure must be sore.  Two central Pennsylvania friends spent most of March in a text-messaging record attempt and ended up exchanging a total of 217,000.  Twenty-nine-year-old Nick Andes and 30-year-old Doug Klinger relied on their unlimited text messaging plans to get them through the escapade.  A spokesman for Guinness World Records didn’t immediately return messages Tuesday asking whether it would be certified as a record.  Andes was startled to get a bill for $26,000 – until T-Mobile credited his account.  ***MARLAR: Good thing – because he needs the money now for carpal tunnel surgery. 

According to a study in the journal Human Factors, talking on a cell phone makes 18-to-25 year-old drive like they’re 70. Researchers at the University of Utah found that young motorists talking on their cell phones while driving move and react more slowly and increase their risk of accidents, almost mirroring the statistics of elderly drivers.  ***MARLAR: They also have a tendency to roll down their windows and yell “turn down your stereo you young whipper-snappers!”

A new law passed in Costa Rica allows women to have a man arrested for trying to pick them up. If found guilty, the man can get up to 50 days in prison or a fine.  ***MARLAR: In other news, the population of Costa Rica is expected to be wiped out completely in the next 75 years due to the decreasing number of marriages.

A man was arrested in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, after he opened the door of a plane that was about to take off, leapt to the tarmac and ran back to the terminal.  ***MARLAR: Some people will do anything to get away from a screaming baby.

University researchers in Rome believe that the moon’s gravity is slowly pulling all the continents westward.  ***MARLAR: No wonder San Francisco keeping moving to the left… it’s because they’re moving to the left!

For almost a century in many parts of the United States people have referred to carbonated beverages as “pop” because of the sound you hear when you open the can or bottle. Back in the 1930s many grocery stores had a comic sign in their window that had some fun with the word: “We don’t know where mom is, but we have Pop on ice.”

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