Darren’s Daily Dose of News – April 27, 2009

darrensdailydoseofnews10Americans changed residences less often last year than at any time since the Census Bureau began keeping track in 1948. William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank tells us, “We are normally thought of as a country on the move, but now all levels of migration have almost come to standstill, people are just staying put.”  ***MARLAR: It’s hard to move when you’re unemployed and can’t afford a moving truck. 

Just 23 percent of the globe’s population currently uses the Internet, according to the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union, with use much higher in developed nations. For example just five percent of Africans surf the web at this time  as mobile Internet access takes off, making it no longer necessary to use a computer to surf the Web. That’s what the co-founder of the Internet  Vinton Cerf tells us.  ***MARLAR: Sweet – that’s 77% of the world I’ve yet to invite to be a Facebook friend!

Between January and March, 11 million iPods and iPhones were sold. iPod sales rose three percent over last year’s first three months. iPhone sales were up a whopping 123 percent, as the company sold 3.79 million units during Apple’s fiscal second-quarter, which ended March 28. Net income rose 15 percent. That better than anyone thought would happen.  ***MARLAR: It’s probably due to all of the applications you can get.  It’s worse than Facebook.  Want to see what kind of bird that is?  There’s an application for that.  Want directions to your girlfriend’s house?  There’s an application for that.  Need to do an X-Ray, there’s an application for that.  Need to do a self-mammogram?  There’s an application for that…

Super star magician David Blaine is getting hitched to his French model girlfriend Alizee Guinoche.  ***MARLAR: “And for my next trick… the ‘Til Death Do Us Part’.”

Change for a buck? How about change for $170,000? Authorities in Alexandria, Va., charge a parking meter repairman has ripped-off tons of quarters, nickels and dimes.  Police report finding around 170-K worth of change in William J. Fell’s home. Officials say they became suspicious when the city’s parking meter take took a dive. Investigators believe the accused change crook was operating for about a year.  ***MARLAR: He says he needed the coins for parking when he visits family in Chicago next weekend. 

Godiva is holding a contest to let a couple spend a romantic weekend in a New York hotel room in which all the décor is made of chocolate.  ***MARLAR: That wouldn’t leave me any time for romance though.

British doctors say many women who try to juggle family and career are suffering from a new malady called “stressorxia,” or losing weight because they’re too busy to eat properly.  ***MARLAR: Check it out – stress has a GOOD side!

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