Darren’s Daily Dose of News – April 28, 2009

darrensdailydoseofnews12It’s the spot for Cubs fans after the final out.  A Chicago cemetery is offering so-called “skyboxes” for the big game in the next life. The Bohemian National Cemetery on the city’s North Side has created a brick interment wall designed to look like a wall in dead center at Wrigley Field. The wall has 288 spaces for urns. Cemetery officials say the loved ones of departed fans can sit facing the wall in four seats from Wrigley Field or even play catch on a small lawn grown from Wrigley sod.  ***MARLAR: Sadly, even the angels aren’t able to help the Cubs get to the World Series. 

Incoming! An artillery shell landed on Rich and Kathy Nelson’s property in Pillager, Minn. The more than 100-pound round flew over the couple’s garage and damaged some trees earlier this month. Officials at nearby Camp Ripley say no one was hurt and the couple wasn’t home. But a constructor’s crew installing cabinets was taking a break at the time. Camp Ripley is changing its artillery range procedures following the mishap.  Officials say a defense contractor was conducting test firings when the shell flew nearly a-half mile off base property.  ***MARLAR: On the test firing the defense contractor received a grade of “D”… for “dud.”

Police in a Memphis suburb were scrambling after reports of screams and gunshots. A-half dozen squad cars responded to the call in Bartlett, Tenn. But the culprit wasn’t a gunman, just an open window. The Commercial Appeal newspaper reports officers found a man watching TV with the volume turned way up. ***MARLAR: Even more shocking… the man was watching Desperate Housewives. 

According to a study from the Marshall University School of Medicine, adding two ounces of walnuts to your diet may be one of your best defenses against breast cancer.  In the study, mice that were fed the equivalent of what would be two ounces of walnuts per day for humans showed a delay in tumor growth as well as fewer and smaller tumors.  ***MARLAR: So the big question is… which candy bars have walnuts?

A pilot flying a home-built airplane had to make an emergency landing on a Florida boulevard. The pilot Kyle Davis and his passenger, Joe Surowiec, were headed from Winter Haven to Lakeland, both in Florida, on Sunday for a flying festival but after they got airborne, the engine failed.  ***MARLAR: They landed in the street because they didn’t have enough gas to make it to the Hudson River.

The Platypus can eat its weight in worms every day.  ***MARLAR: I know it can, but why the heck would it want to?

“Hey, doc, did you wash your hands?” In an era of rising rates of drug-resistant infections and overburdened medical staffs, hygiene experts say the best-protected patients are those willing to take safety into their own hands — by asking health workers to wash theirs – because doctors and nurses are only washing half as often as they should. ***MARLAR: Even cats and dogs wash themselves up regularly. How sad is it that we’d be better off with our dogs licking our wounds then letting doctors use a scalpel?

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