Darren’s Daily Dose of News – August 06, 2009

Maybe we’ll have to call it Wheaties 2.0. The Breakfast of Champions is getting a makeover. General Mills says a new version of Wheaties will be launched in September. The company says it’s testing three versions of the new Wheaties, including one with bran flakes, fruit and crunchy almonds. ***MARLAR: This plan worked so well for New Coke. 

Buy me some peanuts and gluten-free hot dogs? Yes, at Coors Field in Denver.  Food vendor Aramark announced yesterday it’s opening a gluten-free concession stand at the home of the Colorado Rockies.  Aramark says it’s believed to be the first such stand in the major leagues.  Gluten is a protein particle in wheat, barley, rye and their derivatives. It can trigger reactions in people with celiac disease.  In addition to hot dogs, the new stand’s gluten-free offerings include burgers, chicken sandwiches, brownies and, yes, beer.  ***MARLAR: Because the first thing you think of when ordering burgers, hotdogs, brownies and beer is your health. 

A worldwide “Star Wars” concert tour will hyperdrive across the planet.  “Star Wars in Concert” will feature a symphony orchestra and choir performing composer John Williams’ music from the six “Star Wars” films. C-3P0 actor Anthony Daniels will narrate, accompanied by a three-story-tall high-definition screen displaying movie footage synchronized to live music.  Organizers plan to land the tour in several North American cities before embarking on a global journey. “Star Wars in Concert” will launch at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., on Oct. 1, and make stops in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Sacramento; San Jose, Calif.; Seattle; Portland; Tulsa, Okla.; and Oklahoma City.  Other cities will be announced later.  ***MARLAR: Nerds rejoice!

Spelling counts — especially when you’re looking for a job. A typo or two on a resume might just keep you among the ranks of the unemployed. Three out of four executives surveyed say a typo on a resume would disqualify a job applicant. The poll was done on behalf of the staffing firm Accountemps. Max Messmer is chairman of Accountemps and author of “Job Hunting for Dummies.”  He says a potential boss might assume that if you make mistakes on your resume, you’ll do the same on the job. He recalls one applicant who wrote “Hope to hear from you SHORTY.” And another who addressed a letter to “Dear Sir or MADMAN.”  ***MARLAR: Another bad sign… that you have to buy a book called “Job Hunting for Dummies.”  (And another bad sign… in the “Salary Desired” section write, “yes, please.”)

Japanese chewing gum giant Lotte is now requiring new employees to go out and scrape chewing gum off Tokyo sidewalks. The company says they require this because they are concerned about the environment. ***MARLAR: Either that or they need more supplies.

Customers at the sole shop in the tiny village of Sainte-Marie, France, will have to pay three times as much for a Coke as anywhere else in France after the mayor slapped on a new tax. The mayor has set a 300 percent tax on Coca-Cola sales on the grounds that the ingredients of the manufacturer’s secret formula are not listed on the container.  ***MARLAR: To put it in perspective, a 300% tax is almost as much as you’d have to pay for a Coke at Wrigley Field.

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