Darren’s Daily Dose of News – August 27, 2009

A new chronological Bible isn’t going to be the Good Book for everyone – even its Nashville publishers agree. The Chronological Study Bible remixes the traditional Protestant Bible’s 66 books according to description of events in time. It is a version from which some may learn but may confuse others. Wayne Hastings of Thomas Nelson publishing says the new Bible isn’t for beginners, but argues it will help longtime Bible readers see how the different parts of Scripture fit together when compared chronologically.  ***MARLAR: Maybe then I’ll finally be able to figure out when Noah met his wife Joan of Ark.

Within five to seven years, both cash and credit cards and the purse or wallet you carry them in will be things of the past, a panel of banking experts predicts. They’ll be replaced by “smart” chips installed in your mobile phone, watch or other similar device. Pilot projects to test the devices are already underway in Hong Kong and Singapore. So far, they only cover low cost transactions, like buying a soda or chocolate bar, but it’s just a small step to extend the program to include big ticket items. “Whereas we now have a wallet and a purse, it will be a chip in your phone or your watch or something like that as your access,” says Greg Connor, an Australian banking executive involved in the experiment. “The access to credit is still going to be there, but you don’t need the card because that’s really only a means of identification.” (Sun)  ***MARLAR: Followed shortly thereafter by inserting the info in your right hand or forehead.

Researchers at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia have created mice that can regenerate amputated limbs and damaged organs. They say the ability is controlled by about a dozen genes, and when they amputated or damaged the toes, ears, tails or hearts of these “miracle mice,” they grew right back. And when their cells were injected into other mice, they developed the same ability.  It’s expected to work for humans as well.  ***MARLAR: Wow… the ability for humans to replace damaged body parts with mouse parts . . .

A healthy baby girl was delivered in the women’s bathroom of a Winter Park, Colorado, McDonald’s.  Christel Short, whose baby was due a week earlier, said she entered McDonald’s with her husband and their 3-year-old son to use the restroom after feeling pain that she thought was indigestion. But Short said that once inside the bathroom, she felt an overwhelming urge to push despite the fact that her water had not yet broken. She was assisted in the delivery by her husband, a volunteer firefighter who happened to be in the restaurant, and two police officers who arrived soon after the baby began her entry into the world. The mother said they named the child Taylor Winterpark Short, with her middle name being a tribute to the town of her birth.  ***MARLAR: Regardless of what she walked in with, she walked out of that McDonald’s with a small fry.

See Kathleen Jensen run. And run and run and run. The Harristown, Ill., Elementary School Special Ed teacher has run a marathon in each of 50 states and Washington, D.C. She completed her feat of feet in June with the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon in Williamson, W.Va. Now, she has a new goal. Jensen tells the Decatur Herald & Review she wants to run a marathon in each continent.  ***MARLAR: Some teachers will do anything to run away from their students. 

A dental assistant in Austria has been arrested after purchasing some used equipment and setting himself up as real dentist. ***MARLAR: Patients discovered he wasn’t a real dentist when they noticed the magazines in his waiting room were less than three years old.

An eight-year-old boy in Croatia borrowed his father’s car to take two pals to the playground. To see over the dash he sat on two cushions, but ended up getting lost and was eventually spotted by police more than 30 miles from home. ***MARLAR: He tipped off the police in the fact that he was the only one on the street actually using his turn signal.

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