Darren’s Daily Dose of News – May 08, 2009

darrensdailydoseofnews12Humans have it. Pigs don’t. At least not yet, and U.S. pork producers are doing everything they can to make sure that the new H1N1 virus, known around the world as the “swine flu,” stays out of their herds. Kansas hog farmer Ron Suther tells us,” That is the biggest concern, that your herd could somehow contract this illness from an infected person,” So Suther is banning visitors from his sow barns and requiring maintenance workers, delivery men and other strangers to report on recent travels and any illness before they step foot on his property.  ***MARLAR: We’re all afraid to eat bacon right now – yet the bacon is afraid of us!

A Pennsylvania man has been accused of burglarizing at least three apartments and vandalizing them with spray paint and chocolate pudding — after police say he was found covered in chocolate syrup. Police tell us the 24-year-old Bethlehem resident was arrested early Friday after being found with silver spray paint and chocolate on his hands and clothes. They say that helped tie him to a nearby burglary in which pudding and chocolate syrup were spread across the floor and graffiti was spray-painted on the walls. Bethlehem Detective Sgt. Mark DiLuzio says the man admitted the burglaries but claimed another man broke into the apartments and let him in.  ***MARLAR: Bill Cosby was not available for comment.

iPods aren’t just for listening to your favorite tunes. They’re also for cheating, at least according to some school administrators. Many schools have banned iPods and other digital music players from exams. In Idaho, Mountain View High School Principal Aaron Maybon says the students come up with “new and creative ways to cheat pretty fast.” While no kids have actually been caught iPod cheating, Maybon says a teacher overheard a couple of students talking about it. The music players can be used to record audio answers to tests, or crib sheet can be displayed as the text of song lyrics.  ***MARLAR: C’mon – if you’re that ingenious to come up with a way to cheat using an iPod, you’re smart enough to cram the night before. 

Don’t let your drunken elephant roam the streets of Natchez, Miss. The Natchez Democrat newspaper reports an anti-drunken elephant law dating back to 1810 is still on the books. According to Helen Smith, the law started with a local elephant show. Apparently the elephant that a Mr. Texada was going to exhibit got into some beer. Smith and her husband now own the historic Texada home.  ***MARLAR: And to this day you still won’t see any drunk elephants in Nachez, Mississippi.  (The elephants now go to the bars and order the peanuts without beer.)

It’s just what the doctor ordered — and may have tried to keep secret. Bill Waters says he’s stumbled across the original formula for Dr Pepper in an old ledger book. He paid 200 bucks for the book while traveling through the Texas Panhandle.  Waters says the ledger comes from the Waco, Texas, drugstore where Dr Pepper was invented. One recipe in it is titled “D Peppers Pepsin Bitters.” The book is going up for bid later this month.  Experts at Dallas-based Heritage Auction say it could sell for up to $75,000. Officials of Dr Pepper say the book doesn’t contain the soft drink recipe, but one for a digestive aid.  ***MARLAR: Which you’ll need if you pay $75,000 for the secret Dr. Pepper recipe and later find out that you don’t.

44% of you will play hooky from work one day this summer to have fun in the sun reports a new survey.  ***MARLAR: I got dibs on June 15th!

In Brooklyn, N.Y., a 38-year-old man was arrested and his arsenal of guns seized after he was spotted in a city park taking target practice at a photo of his mother-in-law. ***MARLAR: Happy Mother’s Day!

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