Darren’s Daily Dose of News – May 17, 2009

darrensdailydoseofnews12A Japanese court has ordered a McDonald’s to pay more than $70,300 to an overworked store manager for years of unpaid overtime. 46-year-old Hiroshi Takano claimed that he had worked more than 100 hours of overtime each month, without taking a day off. He’d come to work at 6:00 a.m. and the increasing number of responsibilities would usually find him heading for home about midnight. ***MARLAR: A company lawyer says they are planning a McAppeal. 

A cosmetics line called “Looking Good For Jesus” has been pulled from department store shelves in Singapore after local Christians protested the marketing gimmick as blasphemous. The makeup line included items like “Virtuous vanilla” lip balm and a “Get Tight with Christ” hand and body cream. Resident Grace Ong said, “Why would anyone use religious figures to promote vanity products? It’s very disrespectful and distasteful.”  ***MARLAR: He said as he walked away wearing his Christian t-shirt, three-nails necklace, and WWJD bracelet.

A study by the journal Science found that if you want a large family, marry a distant relative. Icelandic researchers examined the nation’s genetic records going back over 200 years and found that people who married their third and fourth cousins had more children than couples who were more distantly related. They think it might be that distant cousins are more biologically compatible. But they found no advantages in marrying your first cousin.  ***MARLAR: When cousins marry, they have more in common, like the same traditions, the same tastes, the same grandparents. . .

Unfortunately, bullet wounds are not that uncommon to doctors. However, in Barbastro, Spain, 88-year-old Faustino Olivera was treated for a bullet wound you definitely don’t see everyday. He had a bullet removed from his shoulder — a bullet he got during the Spanish Civil War!! It had been there almost seven decades and was only discovered after he recently started complaining of a painful lump in his left shoulder. Mr. Olivera remembers the moment he was shot during the Battle of the Ebro on Nov 11, 1938. He said, “I took a shot but always thought the bullet had come out the other side.”  ***MARLAR: You’d think the lack of an exit hole would’ve clued him in.

Here’s two sure-fire ways to get out of jury duty, but they’re excuses you probably don’t want to use. In Delaware County, Oklahoma, Scott Borton has been excused as a potential juror in the first-degree murder trial of Roger Lee Lawrence. Actually, Borton had two good excuses. Borton is dead and Lawrence is the man accused of killing him.

A Duke University study found that some people subconsciously avoid doing things that they are nagged to do as a form of passive rebellion. ***MARLAR: Scientists call it “husbandry.”

British researchers are now saying older men who have big biceps and a smaller waist circumference are not only more attractive, but also will likely live a lot longer than their more portly friends.  ***MARLAR: I guess that means I’ll die sooner and I’m uglier.  That boosts the ole’ self esteem.

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