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Australia’s power company urged people to stop singing in the shower because it keeps them in there longer, wasting water and heating power.  ***MARLAR: Not in my house.  I begin singing and my wife is there ten seconds later, pounding on the door and yelling for me to stop.

An upstate New York man lost the same leg twice. Scott Listemann says he just laughs about losing his foot and lower leg, “both the first time and the second time.” The Poughkeepsie man lost his leg below the knee in a November, 2007, accident. Listemann, 47, lost his prosthetic leg last month while skydiving. The lower leg below the knee, with a foot clad in a running shoe, flew off after he jumped from the plane. Listemann says he’s sure “it will show up eventually.” He has distributed flyers in hopes someone will find his leg and call him.  ***MARLAR: I guess skydiving isn’t as expensive as I thought – it just costs a leg.

Sixty-five-year-old Rosemary Neal was attacked by a large kangaroo on a farm in Australia. Neal had gone to check on some horses on the property about 160 miles north of Sydney when the kangaroo jumped out of nowhere and whacked her. She suffered a concussion, along with deep cuts to her face, hands and back. Fortunately, Rosemary’s dog came to the rescue. Neal said the kangaroo was a good 6-feet-5-inches tall. ***MARLAR: And wearing boxing gloves.

Running on empty didn’t get some suspected crooks very far. Police in Cookeville, Tennessee, report the trio robbed a Goodwill store, but ran out of gas before making it out of the parking lot.  ***MARLAR: Ironically, they were robbing the store in order to get money for gas.

A giant lobster has been saved from a boiling pot of water and will live out its life at a New Brunswick aquarium. Dee-Dee, a 100-year-old, 22-pound lobster, spent a week at a Shediac, New Brunswick, fish shop while at the center of a cross-country bidding war between those who wanted to eat him and those who wanted to set him free. The store’s owner, Denis Breau, said he accepted a $1,000 bid from Vancouver resident Laura-Leah Shaw to save the lobster, despite receiving a $5,000 bid from an Ontario group that wanted Dee-Dee for a banquet. Dee-Dee will go to a conservation group’s aquarium, because releasing him back into the sea would probably be fatal. Shaw said she’s disappointed that Dee-Dee might not return to his natural habitat, but is hoping the push to set the lobster free will prevent fishermen from seeking older, bigger lobsters.  ***MARLAR: This lobster has been alive since the Cubs last won the World Series!  How depressing is that?

The science department at University of California – Riverside is hoping to attract students at an upcoming recruitment fair with a cockroach petting zoo.  ***MARLAR: Kids can learn what it’s like to live in a dorm.

A study out of London says there may be a link between obesity and poor sleeping habits.  ***MARLAR: Tell me about it!  Do you know how hard it is for me to sleep while chewing?

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