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A dozen bystanders rushed in to help a 70-year-old man after he stumbled leaving a Southern California bank, causing thousands of dollars to scatter in the wind.  Ludwig Geier says hundreds of bills were “gone in no time” Monday, flying through the air and littering the First National Bank’s parking lot in Torrance.  Almost immediately, about a dozen bystanders rushed in to help.  The machine-shop owner says about 96 percent of the money was found.  Geier says he’s going to pray for those good Samaritans, adding, “If I could get them together, I’d buy them dinner and drinks.”  ***MARLAR: And I’m sure we all know the feeling of our money fluttering away in the wind.

It’s something of a dog fight in Brookfield, where residents are arguing over a proposal to limit the number of pets per household.  Opponents say the city should not limit the number of dogs people can own but better enforce existing rules governing pet owners.  Brookfield aldermen are now considering a proposal to limit households to four pets total.  ***MARLAR: Don’t even THINK about opening a package of Sea Monkeys.

No one’s trying to get out this P.E. class.  But instead of kids getting a work-out, Old School P.E. is an exercise class for grownups. The gym class for adults is offered at Rhode Island’s Newport Recreation Center. There are warm-up exercises and stretches, then friendly competition with games like dodge ball and Ultimate Frisbee. Old School P.E. only has a few rules, including one that requires husbands and wives to play on opposite sides. Newport Recreation director P.J. Lovely says they’re a victim of their own success. He adds they have to turn people away because there’s not enough room in the gym.  ***MARLAR: And you should hear the backtalk when the coach tells someone to take a lap.

Police in Houston say a murder suspect who lost weight so he could escape from jail by squeezing through a vent has been caught.  Police say Darryl Layne Norris was back in custody Wednesday.  Authorities say Norris escaped early Saturday from the Waller County Jail in Hempstead, about 50 miles northwest of Houston.  Investigators said he escaped through an air conditioner vent that is less than one foot wide.  Waller County Sheriff Randy Smith said Norris usually weighs about 160 pounds but had been losing weight.  Norris is charged with murder in connection with a convenience store robbery.  Police caught him as he was swimming in a motel pool.  ***MARLAR: And after losing all that weight he looked fabulous in his swimsuit.

According to a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, teenagers who eat dinner with their families have better mental health than those who don’t. ***MARLAR: That’s mental health.  Physical health has more to do with whether or not your teen is doing the cooking.

A Johns Hopkins study found that rubbing broccoli juice on your skin is a much more effective way to prevent sunburn than any commercial sunscreen.  ***MARLAR: Plus the green juice on your red skin makes you look Christmassy!

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