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A Texas billionaire named Richard Hart Graives says he’s setting out to build a new version of the Titanic. The main difference? The Titanic II will be a space ship. Graives claims his supership will be launched in the year 2012 on the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s maiden voyage. He says the ship will transport 25-hundred passengers to Mars. A first class cabin will cost a whopping 500-thousand dollars… and believe it or not, the first voyage is already almost sold out.  ***MARLAR: Why on earth would this guy call it TITANIC?!?  And he’s taking into space – where giant frozen glaciers are floating around EVERYWHERE!

In Minnesota, three teenagers in a minivan decided to switch drivers. Unfortunately, they didn’t decide to pull over first. They put the van on cruise control and made the switch.  The van went out of control and overturned and the driver, whoever it was at the time, and their passengers had to be hospitalized.  ***MARLAR: Okay, one more time kiddies… “Cruise Control” does not equal “Auto Pilot.”

Police in Italy arrested a man for stealing some tortellini from a store. Alerted by neighbors of suspicious noises coming from a Bologna tortellini shop, police turned up to catch a man helping himself to some free pasta while the store was closed for lunch. And get this — the suspect’s name is Stefano Spaghetti! As he was being put into the police car Spaghetti reportedly mumbled, “And to think I don’t even like tortellini.”  ***MARLAR: So to review… Spaghetti was caught stealing tortellini in Bologna.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a sunscreen that is the best in the world at blocking out dangerous cancer-causing ultraviolet light.  ***MARLAR: The downside – it’s not easy being green.

A study by MSN.com found that having a wife for 50 years costs the average man $590,400 in restaurant dinners, vacations and gifts.  ***MARLAR: But as a married man who knows his wife is listening to this show… it’s totally worth it.

In a CBS News poll, Americans were twice as likely to view Islam favorably than Scientology. ***MARLAR: Now that’s scary. People would rather deal with Islamic terrorists than deal with Tom Cruise.

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