Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

A man was charged with attempted murder after authorities said he drove his truck through the window of a service station. Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian said a 49-year-old man pulled into a BP station on Alabama 75 in Pinson Sunday morning and got into a dispute with the clerk because the pump was turned off. Christian said the station has a pay-first policy. Christian said the suspect went back to his Ford Explorer and drove through the plate glass window and into the counter. ***MARLAR: After making bail he tried to drive himself home… but ran out of gas.

There are matchmakers and then there are match breakers, such as the Huron County judge who sent a woman to jail for polygamy and gave her six months to divorce one of her husbands. Lorri L. Freesland of Kinde pleaded guilty to the charge in December. Circuit Judge M. Richard Knoblock on Monday sentenced the 43-year-old Freesland to 15 days in jail and one year of probation. He also told her she had six months to resolve her marital status. ***MARLAR: At which point she’ll likely still get half one husband’s stuff and still have access to all of the other husband’s stuff. She breaks the law and still gets all-and-a-half from her husbands!

Scientists at the National Institute of Mental Health discovered a way to turn lazy monkeys into workaholics. The rhesus monkeys had to push a lever in response to a visual cue to get a reward of a drop of water, and after a while, they’d slack off. But when given a gene treatment that blocks brain cells from receiving dopamine, the chemical associated with rewards, the monkeys worked harder and longer and made fewer mistakes. ***MARLAR: You knew it was happening somewhere – research to find a way for companies to turn their employees into workaholics.

New research has shown that the most likely place for lost airline luggage to turn up is the Egyptian capital of Cairo. Other popular destinations for missing baggage include Amsterdam and Bangkok towards the top of the list, followed by Spain, the United States and Germany. ***MARLAR: How unfair is it that your luggage gets a more exotic vacation than you?

In Pennsylvania, 16-year-old Dominic Ruckle drove his pickup onto an island in the Susquehanna River, but he got stuck on a stump on the way back and might face trespassing charges. So, why drive to an island? Dominic says he thought he’d give it a try, because he doesn’t know anyone who has ever done it. ***MARLAR: Tomorrow he plans on trying to understand a woman.

Health officials in China estimate that 60 million Chinese are obese. ***MARLAR: And it’s because of the Westernization of China. You can eat a lot more a lot faster when you drop the chopsticks and pick up a fork.

Health officials in China estimate that 60 million Chinese are obese. ***MARLAR: Of course they are. After they’re done eating they’re hungry again just an hour later.

Northampton College in England has created a course to teach people how to make a living using eBay. ***MARLAR: And it doubles as a theology degree if you auction a grilled cheese sandwich with a burn pattern of the Virgin Mary on it.

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