Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper based in South Florida has been arrested on charges of official misconduct, after authorities said he wrote hundreds of fake citations to drivers. Paul C. Lawrence was accused of trying to increase the number of citations he issued by writing bogus tickets. More than 200 traffic tickets he issued since November have been dismissed, and there may be more. A spokesman for the FHP said they don’t operate on a quota system. Lawrence could not be reached for comment. ***MARLAR: He was busy writing a ticket.

A Tennessee sheriff’s deputy arrested on a drunken driving charge wound up in a dog house before he was taken to the big house. The Kingsport Times-News reported the details of a Tennessee Highway Patrol arrest report, which said 47-year-old Samuel Monroe Bledsoe was kicking the windows of a trooper’s cruiser on his way to a hospital for a blood test. The report said Bledsoe was then locked inside the cruiser’s K-9 cage for his safety. Bledsoe was free Wednesday on $1,500 bond. ***MARLAR: Which is $10,500 in dog money.

A Chicago police officer has been suspended for 15 months for demanding free coffee and baked goods from six different Starbucks. Officer Barbara Nevers, a 14-year veteran, has also been ordered to undergo counseling. The Police Board ruled that Nevers intimidated Starbucks employees by screaming at them and flashing her badge, handcuffs or gun when they wanted her to pay. Nevers’ attorney says her client never used her job to demand free coffee. ***MARLAR: Just her temper.

German doctors have succeeded in transplanting two complete arms onto a 54-year-old man in what the Munich hospital said was the world’s first operation of its kind. The surgery took 15 hours and a team of 40 doctors and support staff. The recipient was a farmer who lost both arms in an accident six years ago. One of the main obstacles for full-arm transplants is finding donors. ***MARLAR: Unfortunately, it then takes an arm and a leg to pay for the surgery.

Honora Wolfe is getting a charge out of her new electric bike. The Boulder, Colorado, bookshop owner rides her electric bike to work. The 60-year-old says with the battery assist, riding the bike is easy on her arthritis, saves on gas and is good for the environment. She’s not alone. Electric bike dealers say interest in their product has surged along with gas prices. But electric transportation is nothing new to Wolfe. When she’s not riding her electric bike, she might be driving her gas-electric Honda hybrid. ***MARLAR: After she gets bike pedals installed.

A George Washington University student complained to campus officials about swastikas showing up on her dorm room door. To catch the culprit, the university installed a hidden camera by her door. The camera was all they needed… to discover that the Jewish student who complained was the one drawing the swastikas. ***MARLAR: She plans on suing herself for discrimination.

The worst time to wake up is before 5am. And it’s best for your heart health to sleep in until 7am or 8am — every day. Researchers from several universities and hospitals in the Japanese city of Kyoto, have concluded that early-risers have a higher risk of developing heart problems than their friends who sleep in later. The team found that people who habitually rise before 5am have a 1.7 times greater risk of high blood pressure and are twice as likely to develop hardening of the arteries as those who get up at 7am or 8am. ***MARLAR: I should be dead now.

The word “laser” stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission by Radiation.” ***MARLAR: Boy, I’m glad they came up with an abbreviation! Can you imagine going in to get your eyes fixed? “I’m going in for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission by Radiation eye surgery!”

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